This Bloggers With Lenses Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") explains how Bloggers With Lenses ("BWL", "we", "us", "our" hereinafter) and a third-party advertiser that has a binding agreement with us, may gather information from both an unregistered  user ("Guest" or "Guests" (collectively) and a registered user ("Community Member") store and use that information based on their use or activities on Bloggers With Lenses website ("BWL Website") and/or Bloggers With Lenses Services, both collectively referred to as, the Blogger With Lenses Platform.

While you may be able to browse the BWL Website either as a Guest,(registered "User"), there are certain areas on the BWL Website that requires you to be a registered user. You using Bloggers With Lenses Platform either as a Guest or Community Member, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the BWL Privacy Policy and Terms of Service here.



Personal Information

Blogger With Lenses acquires the information you as a Community Member (registered "User") willingly submit on your own when you register, sign up or create an account with Bloggers With Lenses. Such type of information we collect may include, your email, name, phone number, and address for registration, signing up, filling forms, payments or creating an account.



Cookies are web messages or small piece of data passed to your web browser when you visit a website or internet site. This allows a server show a page tailored to a particular User or when you accept a cookie it does not allow a server entry to your computer or your personal information but only information you willingly give to that website.

Bloggers With Lenses enables cookies on its website (BWL Website) to store information about your visits to the website but only Bloggers With Lenses can read or use it. This is to help us understand the activities between you and the pages you visit on BWL Website, and also records your login information so that you don't have to re-enter your information every time you visit. In other situations, cookies come from our third-party advertisers or sponsors help determine undisclosed information of individuals who view the ads and the effect of promotional campaigns.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address

Each and every computer or printer connected to an internet network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication is designated a unique binary number called an IP address.

Your IP address may be captured by Bloggers With Lenses and/or Third Parties bound by privacy restrictions as restrictive as those set forth in this policy when you visit the Site and this is under certain circumstances. This is exclusively for system security reasons such as tracking illegal use and computer break-ins



Advertisers/Sponsors and Service Providers

Bloggers With Lenses partners with Third Party Services which we make sure are bound to us by privacy restrictions that are at least restrictive enough as those set forth in this Privacy Policy to help develop, manage, maintain and improve the quality of our services. These include ads, fraud detection and prevention services, billing and payment processing services, Apps, social media platforms and our legal and financial advisors. These Third Party services may have access to our Guest and Community Member information depending on their jobs. Take note that while we may be linked to some of these Third Party websites or services, we are in no way responsible for their service and privacy policies the moment you leave BWL Website and/or Bloggers With Lenses Platform.

Bloggers With Lenses strongly regards the use of ads as a classic way of improving user experience, therefore using cookies and personal information to strategically allocate ads in areas where interested individuals will see them.



Having the capability to contact our Guests and Community Members with general information or information tailored to each individual.

To furnish, maintain, run and make Bloggers With Lenses and Bloggers With Lenses Platform available.

To continue to be able to manage and improve Bloggers With Lenses Platform in reference to Guest and Community Member activities, experiences and challenges.

To determine how effective Third Party ads or promotional campaigns are.

To help continue to strengthen system security and prevent illegal activities and computer break-ins.

In generating a collection of data and website traffic


Bloggers With Lenses partners Third Party Services which may collect, store and process Personal and Non-Personal Information of a Guest and Community Member solely on behalf of Bloggers With Lenses. This may include extracting, managing and storing email information of Guest and Community Member for Bloggers With Lenses. In this case, the Third Party serves as a Data Processor.

These Third Parties are equipped with physical, electronic and procedural security measures designed to protect Bloggers With Lenses. They also have HTTPS secure access in most areas of its services making it safe to transmit sensitive information through designated payment information. It is protected by an industry standard (SSL/TLS) encrypted connection and regularly maintains a PCDI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification. It also monitors its system regularly for possible attacks and vulnerability.



We may install Third Party Apps to help enhance Bloggers With Lenses and Bloggers With Lenses Platform. In so doing, we may share Personal and Non-Personal information of a Guest and Community Member and their providers who have also legally binding to them may have access to only this information shared. Such information amongst others includes contact details, messages, and certain activities.



When Bloggers With Lenses collects your personal information we store it mainly for our use. In addition to that, we may share this information with a Third Party that is bound by legal terms restricted by a privacy policy.


The Law

Based on the sole discretion of Bloggers With Lenses if required by law, court order, legal process or in compliance with applicable law may give access or disclose personal information with or without your knowledge.


Social Media

Part of enhancing or Guest and Community Member experience is using some social media features such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and these social media features may gather your information such as your email when you agree to use them. Do take note that your interaction with these Social Media features or platforms is governed by their policies and not ours.


While Bloggers With Lenses works hard make sure all personal information collected through Bloggers With Lenses Platform and/or a Third Party (that we are bound to by an agreement) are safe and secure, but because data sent via the internet may not always be absolutely safe, we can not guarantee you it will be perfectly safe, neither can any Third Party services that we may have an agreement with, guarantee us an absolute safety either. Therefore, any personal information you submit to or share with Bloggers With Lenses Platform is done at your own risk. In so doing, you acknowledge and accept that Bloggers With Lenses or any Third Party bound to us by an agreement will not be held liable for any illegal breach of our safe servers. You agree not to hold Bloggers With Lenses or any Third Party with whom we may have an agreement with, accountable for any damages caused by the violation of any individual who gains access to your personal information.



Bloggers With Lenses ensures you have accessibility to your information when you need to make corrections or edits. If you need help accessing your information, you may contact us.



Bloggers With Lenses is based in Canada.



Blogger With Lenses may review and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. When these updates are made, Bloggers With Lenses will notify you via email but if we fail to do so, we will not be held liable. We advise you to always check back regularly. If you have any questions or do not understand this Privacy Policy, you may contact us.



Bloggers With Lenses may contact you about information regarding your use, response to your registration, subscription, payments, reminders, advertising with us or notification of changes. You will be able to opt out.



Blogger With Lenses can be reached by using our contact form.

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